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You Make a Difference In So Many Ways
From the smallest rider who comes to gain balance and socialization to the oldest rider who comes to find peace and live lifelong dreams, Dream Catcher Stables, has never deviated from it mission: To provide a place in perpetuity where people with disabilities can be successful, equal, and capable growing to their maximum life’s potential through interaction with horses in a positive environment. Please continue to visit our website. Links are provided to our organizational partners.

Dream Catcher Stables is now a member of the Carrots4acause network (External Link to Profile)

What people say:

"Dreamcatchers is so very beneficial to handicap children and at risk students. It gives them a chance to succeed, learn independence, and become more self-reliant. It provides the children the ability to increase physical stamina and develop a work ethic however limited." 
- Melody April 30, 2011

"As an aunt to a special needs nephew, I knew when I first volunteered at Dream Catcher Stables what I would find upon my arrival. I would and did find dedicated, loving, hard working students who find their personal outlet for success and freedom to do something they love and is so important to them. At Dream Catcher, they can be themselves. Their love for the horses and the respect for their instructors is more than obvious. All one has to do is look into the eyes and faces of each one and see how important it is to them to be there..."
- Janet April 29, 2011

"I am special needs person and have been a client of Dreamcatcher for over 3 years. This group has helped me very much in understanding that if I try to succeed at something, I can probably accomplish my goal one way or another. They let me work at my own pace but give me support and encouragement so that I can progress a little bit more every time I go to my sessions."
- Anonymous Post April 24, 2011

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